Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

I use Second Skin, which should stay on for the five to seven days after your tattoo. In the first 24 hours, there may be a buildup of plasma. This is normal. This is what’s keeping your tattoo moisturized while it’s healing under the wrap.

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If I provided you with an extra piece of Second Skin during our appointment, you can change the wrap after the first day if there’s a lot of buildup.

I provide an extra square for more heavily saturated tattoos that may bleed more in the first 24 hours.

Follow these instructions if you’re going to change the wrap after the first day.

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Wash your tattoo with a fragrance-free antibacterial soap. I recommend Dial

If you see redness around the skin where the Second Skin was applied, that is also normal. 

After you’ve washed your tattoo, gently pat it dry with a clean towel.

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Use an absorbent, fragrance-free lotion.

I recommend Aveeno, but have used Cetaphil and Lubriderm in the past. 

(Some people tell you to use Aquaphor, but Aquaphor is a petroleum and doesn’t let your tattoo breathe, not to mention it sticks to your clothing and gets pretty greasy.)

Tips for Tattoo Aftercare

For the first two weeks after your tattoo:

  • avoid exposure to the sun, and
  • avoid bodies of water (baths, hot tubbing, swimming, etc).

Your tattoo will most likely get itchy. Do not pick or scratch at it. Moisturizing it can help relieve the itchiness.

Your tattoo took time, pain, and money to create. Invest in it:

  • use sunscreen when you go outside,
  • keep it moisturized, and
  • contact me if you have any concerns or challenges with your healing tattoo.

Second Skin Healing

Move the divider right and left to compare a tattoo with Second Skin during healing and after removal

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